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Say Goodbye to the Wind places a performative and theatrical spin on traditional runway, with a strong focus on storytelling through set-design, soundscapes and lighting to immerse the audience in an otherworldly space.


The title 'Say Goodbye To The Wind' alludes to the fleeting moments in life that leave a lasting impact such as a vanishing light, a gust of wind or the falling of rain. 

Venue run by Seaworks

Sound design by Ossian Shaw (Sound Engineer)

Set design by Jessica Ting (VCA University)

Lighting by Lawrence Mccrabb

Florist design by Richelle Wilmar from Elwood Flowers

Fitting and Styling by Paris Scicchitano-Moschis

After party organised by Liam Alexander @staysoftstudio @colourclub___club

Numbers of models, photographers and videographers from Melbourne creative industry.

Moondogs Brewery


Academy of Makeup


Place settings 


Michaels Cameras