Phoebe Pendergast-Jones

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Earlier this year Phoebe Pendergast-Jones was selected to show her graduate collection as part of the Melbourne Fashion Week schedule. Pendergast-Jones’ designs featured in ‘Town Hall Runway 2’ on the 1st September 2019.


Prior to commencing her Honours year, Phoebe completed a semester of study at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, where she also worked on multiple editorials as a stylist and participated in New York Fashion Week. Throughout her undergraduate study, Phoebe’s specialisations have included deconstructionist design, experimental tailoring, knitwear and accessory design.


The visual communication of these outcomes has particularly emerged as a strong focus. Alongside fashion design, Phoebe's passions lie in styling, creative direction, curation and filmmaking. Phoebe hopes to explore as many of these fashion and art-related pathways in her future endeavours.

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Wu’s practice combines influences from Chinese philosophy and Western critical research. Identity and gender issues are the focus of Wu’s theoretical practice. As a member of the queer and club kids community, Wu believes in positive self expression through one’s most extravagant forms. Interactive digital technology is carried throughout Wu’s visual communication. Wu aims to decontextualise traditional notions of gendered- wear and streetwear. Wu participated in ‘Sleepwalking’, a Melbourne fashion exhibition in July 2018 that put the audience in an immersive chaotic dream in reality.

Wu’s developing ambiguous streetwear branding, ‘Wackie Ju’, is a practice that integrates curated exhibitions with functional unconventional clothing. The purpose of this branding is to challenge and go against the debatable traditional social norms, decontextualise and re- contextualise the stereotypical standards.

Christine Zhou
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With a Chinese heritage, Zhou explores and analyses issues surrounding her culture; questioning social norms and experimenting with cultural imagery. Zhou adopts a multidisciplinary approach through exploration of performance, photography, digital art and film. Fashion design is a primary outlet and medium to generate ideas, however her interest in challenging the ‘traditional’ propels her to redefine the concept of clothing. Unconventionally, Zhou treats the human body as a secondary focus.


Christine’s interest in combining fashion and performance led her to exploring non-traditional fashion runways. In collaboration with her peers, Zhou invited her audience to become immersed and engaged in a choreographed fashion exhibition entitled ‘Sleepwalking.’ To Zhou, the audience and the wearer are of equal importance; her interest in design construction and experimentation allows her to create unique experiences for both participants.

Michelle Li
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Michelle Li is an interdisciplinary designer working with the intersection of fashion and performance. Li conceptualizes and produces archetypes and projects with a focus on emotional experiences and mental stimulation. Li has a Chinese background and is currently based in Melbourne/Naarm.

Michelle has experience working in project management as well as a design, photography and art. The passion for fashion formed her conceptual practice. Michelle was accepted into an exchange program at the Shih Chien University in Taipei.